Program Leaders – All highly experienced facilitators

Ally Nitschke, Leadership Coach, Made for More
As an Executive Leadership Coach and accredited Life Design Coach, Ally Nitschke is uncompromising when it comes to results. She calls a spade a spade, a straight talking, pull-no-punches coach that works with leaders to cut through to the heart of the issues. As an NLP Master Practitioner Ally combines her unique experience with Neuro-science to help leaders and organisations smash through their own limitations. 
With over 15 years of leadership experience working as a leader and partnering with some of Australia’s iconic organisations, Ally knows that being able to have Courageous Conversations are pivotal to a leader’s success. Having led large teams and small teams, and turning around toxic teams, Ally is an expert in bringing perceived tough conversations to the forefront and creating a culture of feedback and robust conversation which significantly reduces performance issues, increases productivity, performance and morale.

Mel Rowsell, Principal Coach, Wisdom At Work
Mel Rowsell is leadership coach, facilitator and consultant. She has a background in helping ambitious and high performance leaders and companies. She co-founded technology success story Vend and scaled an award winning culture along the way. She guides entrepreneurs and leaders to be the best they can with an emphasis on difficult conversations, building resilience, self mastery and mastering the human connection at work.  
Mel is a Neuroleadership Institute trained coach with five years of experience coaching CEOs, founders, and leaders of all levels. Combining this with 20 years of practical leadership experience, and commercial nous, Mel brings a unique lens to coaching. Mel’s niche is bringing the human element back into the workplace. This combination of the human element and the practical, commercial and analytical is what sets her apart.   

Lucia Die Gil, Collaborative Leadership Coach
Lucia is a collaborative leadership coach and facilitator who works in the space where organisational change and personal change converge. With extensive previous leadership experience across corporate HR in various countries, as well as a solo entrepreneur, she is now a partner at Greaterthan, a progressive business that envisions a world where organisational structures and practices fuel vitality for all. 
Her unique approach to transformation takes leaders of all sorts from knowledge to practice, through activating deeper connections, authenticity and wholeness at work. Her ability to support leaders and teams through their resistance to change, results in highly motivated, focused professionals who grow much more than they originally expected.  
Lucia’s personal toolkit includes her Co-active Coaching accreditation, conscious leadership frameworks, experience design, systemic perspectives, ⓒsomatic experiencing practices, and social innovation tools.  
“Leadership is not a solo endeavour” is a quote that guides Lucia, her work, and her clients.

Cass Walters, Facilitator, Leading Teams 
Cass Walters is an experienced leadership expert and facilitator who is known for building rapport and trust very quickly through her down to earth and relatable facilitation style. Her background in the military and higher education sector gives her a unique experience to connect with teams and individuals to help them become high performing.  
‘Leadership is not about the title or the position, it is about being able to positively influence those around you, throughout my time in the military I saw the impact of great leaders and how it can make teams come together even under extreme pressure, in times of uncertainty and lack of clarity. A great leader gets in the arena, is willing to fail, willing to learn and above all willing to try’.

Tania Willis, Founder, Coach and Facilitator, Advantage Coaching and Consulting
Tania is a coach and workshop facilitator and has a passion for leadership development and cultural change.  
With almost 30 years as a higher education professional, ten as a senior leader, alongside leadership, coaching and training qualifications, Tania is known for building high performing, and positive work cultures. 
She is the founder and principal consultant of Advantage Coaching and Consulting and has trained and coached hundreds of individuals across a diverse range of organisations including the Department of Finance, Attorney Generals, Screen Australia, Safe Work Australia, Home Affairs and DFAT. Her specialisations include: leadership, conflict resolution, building strengths based teams and emotional intelligence. 
Tania’s greatest satisfaction comes from working with leaders to clarify their strengths, purpose, values and goals so they can unlock their full potential, increase confidence and gain the courage to lead their way. The result is a more confident, approachable and influential leader who creates real change. 

Ellie Pietsch, Facilitator, Leading Teams 
Described by colleagues as the Gen Y translator, Ellie translates thoughts, actions, and beliefs across generations. With a background in leadership development, stakeholder engagement and organisational change in sport, member associations and corporate consulting, the only constant in Ellie’s life is transformational change.   
“During the pandemic, I coached Leaders around the world in the qualities required to successfully drive change within their organisations and I’ve also led my own teams during times of ambiguity and challenge where I’ve really had to live the theory. One thing that has become apparent to me over this time is that true leadership happens separately to structural hierarchies within organisations. Those who can influence without authority are those who are truly leading.”   

Liz Del Borrello, Leadership Coach, Chief Reputation Officer
Liz partners with leaders who are feeling overwhelmed, stuck or lacking focus. She helps them to explore their purpose and set goals to get them where they want to go. By unleashing leader strengths, she halves their reputation risk and doubles their impact. 
As a high energy, personable, engaging leadership coach and trainer; she’s driven by her leadership experiences across a 25-year corporate career. Liz believed that a strong sense of self is the foundation for authentic leadership. 
Liz takes a strengths-based approach that builds leader self-awareness to take their leadership to the next level. Her work helps leaders confidently communicate their authentic selves and strengthen their reputation – to unlock amazing, purpose aligned opportunities. 
She believes that people-focussed, purpose driven leaders and businesses will succeed in the ‘next normal’ of the corporate world. Liz’s unique approach to coaching, training and workshop delivery makes her one of Perth’s most in-demand leadership and reputation coaches.