Tap into your full potential and realise your leadership goals

Many leaders will admit to being overstretched during the pandemic with organisations now tackling ‘The Great Exhaustion’: the burnout phenomenon that is disproportionately impacting women. It is more important than ever that female leaders have the skills to communicate their boundaries and balance their work, so they can continue to grow and excel in their roles. How can women respond to current workplace challenges and grow to seize the opportunities available to them?
The Women in Leadership Executive Program is designed for women who want to build their leadership toolkit and realise their goals with the support of a network of women leaders from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds. The four-week program is where exceptional leadership skills are developed, support systems are built, and where long-term transformation occurs.  
This program is suitable for women at multiple levels. Whether you're a seasoned leader looking for a fresh approach, or an emerging leader looking to kick start your journey, this program will support your growth through collaborative weekly sessions, high-impact discussions, and self-guided assignments.
Since 2012, the Women Leaders Institute has consistently delivered a high-impact leadership conference for emerging and established women leaders to be inspired, connect and grow in a safe space. Join the community and find out more at womenleadersinstitute.org  

Program Leaders


Reasons to Attend

  • Develop your leadership action plan and toolkit to accelerate your career trajectory 
  • Tackle the burnout phenomenon that is disproportionately impacting women  
  • Build communication skills that enable you to advance whilst setting healthy boundaries  
  • Increase your capability to influence, collaborate, and lead others with care, respect and compassion  
  • Learn behaviours that empower and build commitment around the common goal  
  • Understand how values, perceptions, self-confidence and limiting beliefs affect your ability to lead                                                                                
  • Employ strategies that will help you and those you lead deal more effectively with transition through major change and uncertainty 
  • Realise your leadership goals, focus on purpose. Stop making choices driven by fear of what you don’t want, and start making them because of your commitment to what you do want 

Who Should Attend

Whether you are a board director, CEO, senior or middle manager, entrepreneur or young emerging leader, the Women in Leadership Executive Program is a valuable platform of information, insights, and networking opportunities for you.  
  • CEOs, Directors, General Managers, Managers and Executives 
  • Human Resources Professionals, Recruitment and Talent Specialists 
  • Diversity and Inclusion Professionals 
  • Women Leadership Programme Managers 
  • Mentors, Mentorship Programme Managers, Sponsors, Coaches 
  • Changemakers championing diversity in the workplace including male allies and advocates Budding and established entrepreneurs 
  • Aspiring leaders, managers, millennials, and recent graduates