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Time Commitment

The four-part program comprises group facilitated discussions, interactive sessions, with self-reflection and review at their core. This program involves four hours per week of face-to-face learning.

Participants should be prepared for an additional one hour of independent reflection and self-assessment per week, a total of 20 hours over the course.

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NEW FOR 2024! You will be paired with an accountability buddy. This dedicated partner will assist and encourage you in staying committed to your goals. This personalised support system aims to enhance your journey, providing motivation, guidance, and a collaborative space to ensure your continued progress and success after the program ends.


Day 1 

Leadership Dynamics: Unleashing your Inner Potential for Success in 2024

  • Integrate inner leadership principles to enhance self-awareness and authenticity.

  • Identify your personal and organisational purpose to drive better business outcomes.

  • Explore the changing dynamics of leadership and the essential skills for success.

Session 1 Reflection and Assignment

Develop a strategic action plan that leverages your identified strengths and addresses an
improvement area, aligning it with your overarching leadership goals. This assignment is designed to further integrate inner leadership principles into your self-awareness, fostering
authenticity and strategic alignment with your leadership aspirations.​

Day 2 

Leaders Coach - Elevating your Team and Workplace Culture through Proactive Coaching Practices

  • Explore the proactive role of leaders as coaches, emphasising timely guidance and mentorship.

  • Integrate authentic coaching into your leadership style, creating a supportive culture and setting your team up for success.

  • Shift from traditional quarterly reviews to real-time coaching, ensuring immediate feedback and continuous team growth.

Session 2 Reflection and Assignment

Identify a team member for a coaching conversation — pick someone in the team where your conversation can have the most impact. You will plan and deliver the conversation using tools provided during the session. Reflect on the effectiveness of this proactive coaching approach and identify any adjustments or insights for future coaching interactions. This assignment aims to empower you to seamlessly integrate proactive coaching into your leadership style, fostering continuous growth within your team.

Day 3 

Leadership Impact – The Art of Influencing and Engaging Effectively

  • Delve into the nuances of influential leadership and stakeholder management.

  • Develop advanced communication skills for impactful leadership.

  • Cultivate an engaging leadership style for driving team motivation.

Session 3 Reflection and Assignment

Get your team to share thoughts on how you lead and the impact you have. Make it a two-way conversation and use this information to help shape your leadership plan. This assignment aims to empower you to refine your leadership style, creating an environment that inspires and motivates your team effectively.

Day 4 

Leadership in Practice – Troubleshooting and Seizing Opportunities for Growth

  • Address leadership challenges with a problem-solving mindset.

  • Seize opportunities for growth and transformation.

  • Foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

  • Apply problem-solving skills to challenges such as burnout, managing difficult conversations, poor behaviour, and flexible working arrangements.

Session 4 will include an exclusive interview with a surprise guest and expert leader. Participants will be given the opportunity to ask questions and hear firsthand from someone who has implemented the principles addressed in the training program.



Accountability Buddy


Pre Survey


Suprise Guest Interview


Coaching Assignment

The last session will conclude with networking drinks.

All attendees will receive a training booklet and certificate upon completion of the program.

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